SHS Electric Heater

In addition to exceptional comfort, the SHS Electric heater also provides significant energy savings. With 0% emission emissions and 100% utilization of the residual heat, SHS has succeeded in quickly converting its knowledge into a very powerful and robust heating system. With this heating system, SHS can provide any room with the desired temperature.

SHS Heat Saver

With the required knowledge of heat transfer, SHS has developed the SHS Energy Saver in collaboration with technology company Envitron and Hanzehogel School of Groningen. The gas-oriented technology ensures significant energy savings in gas-related heating systems. Depending on the situation, energy savings can increase to more than 30%. That means that many gas systems with an SHS Energy Saver can look forward to a second life cycle instead of replacing the heating system.

SHS Heating coils

The heating coils developed by SHS Europe increase the efficiency of the heat emission in the target room. The spirals connected in parallel make it possible to switch in a simple manner to a large capacity with which large spaces can be heated.

SHS Special Infrared

The SHS Special Infrared gives a very high efficiency compared to other heating techniques. These heating systems offer an excellent solution for spaces where relatively little power is available. Compared to traditional electric heating systems, 50% of the capacity is sufficient without sacrificing comfort. This innovation is new to the market. The energy-efficient systems are a gem for the target group that values sustainability.

From gas to Electric

SHS Europe can convert all gas-related heating systems into direct and indirect electric heating while keeping comfort at least at the same level. You will see some examples of this with our products.