We work step by step towards a solution. Objective, Analysis, Proposal, Creating, Installing, starting up, Delivering.


Of course we can use existing products here and there as part of the total energy system and to reduce the total system costs. In part, there will be customization so that we can create the most favorable situation for each situation.

Engineering solutions

We design and manufacture Special Heating Systems that meet customer requirements and international standards. Depending on the application, laws and regulations and the environment, we provide energy-efficient solutions.

Original Equipment Manufactorer

We work with proven system components that also comply with international standards. The parts that we use belong to the top segment in terms of quality and are therefore very reliable.

Own production, outsourcing or sales concepts

Our passion is to convert our knowledge into beautiful solutions. Depending on the development phase of new concepts, we are open to collaborations with third parties to market our energy solutions so that we can continue to focus on new solutions. We see many challenges that call for a solution.