With our expertise in heating systems, we serve customers in various sectors and branches. For all issues we apply the energy optimization opportunities in order to utilize them. We also like to be challenged to transform the entire energy system into effective application with a minimum of losses. This applies to both heating and cooling.

Buildings conditioning

In buildings, a comfortable working environment and storage is an important aspect with regard to heating and cooling systems. We still see (too) much energy being lost for both industrial buildings and living spaces.


Because we can reach and maintain very high temperatures with our heating concepts, we also provide wellness centers with our heating technology. By means of a newly developed spiral and a control unit for optimally utilizing the heat generated, a very effective heat emission also takes place in the target space.

Process industry

We also have heating techniques and components available for the process industry. The same applies to misting techniques that are used in, among other things, storage sheds in agriculture for the conditioning of agricultural products.

Electric and gas

SHS Europe has knowledge and experience with both electric heating and gas heating concepts. Gas concepts can be converted into electrical concepts in multiple situations. If this is not possible, SHS Europe has a Heat Saver available that makes gas concepts more energy efficient.

Product development

We design and develop new systems. Not because it has to be, but because with existing technologies the ultimate energy saving cannot yet be achieved. We also offer this as a service. From an idea to a completely producible and commercially deployable product. That can be the total development process, or offer specific support at certain stages in the development process. We therefore like to be challenged to optimize your product or application.

Advice and Engineering

In the background, often a lot needs to be arranged to achieve a successful end result. We can support you in the following areas: Engineering, Applying for subsidies, Drawing up operating budgets, Applying for financing and project management.